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All You Need To Know – Nano-Coating Technology

All You Need To Know – Nano-Coating Technology

We all go through the fatigue of buying a protector and a phone cover right after buying a brand new phone and then maintaining it for many years. Buying screen protectors is a recurring expense, especially, for us reckless folks. It is important to take safety measures after buying an expensive phone to make sure it serves you for a long time.

However, it can be really hard to take care of our mobile phones that we have become addicted to. Our increased use of mobile phones has shortened its useful life. My point is, I accidentally drop my phone at least once a day and I’m sure most of you can relate to it. If you are unfortunate enough, this may result in a broken screen -- a nightmare, right?

We bring you the perfect solution that will help you protect your screen in a more natural way than screen protectors. Screen protectors made of glass tend to be delicate and get really stained and full of scratches within a couple of months.

How it works
Nano-coating technology is a type of thermal spraying technique that has its roots in surface engineering. Nano-coating technology works as protection from dirt, scratches, and even water!

The microscopic particles of the spray settle into every pore of the surface and tighten it. It works like a second skin that is invisible, breathable, and it provides the following benefits:

  • Water-resistant – nano liquid coating provides safety from water
  • Stain-resistant – nano liquid coating protects the screen from fingerprint, oil and grease stains
  • Clarity – nano liquid coating makes the screen becomes smooth and clear after application without affecting the sensitivity of the screen
  • Scratch-resistant – nano liquid coating prevents your screen from getting scratches all over it
  • Shatter-resistant – nano liquid coating tightens up in the pores of the surface; even if you throw it at a rock, the screen will not get damaged
  • UV sterilization –nano liquid coating is said to work as an anti-bacterial force
  • Aromatherapy – nano liquid coating gives off a fresh fragrance to your phone if needed


Other Uses
This disinfection can be used on other small items such as watches, jewelry, beauty tools, etc. Initially, ceramic coating was used by the food, construction, textile, and by the automobile industries to protect paint from scratches and dirt stains. Liquid coating technology was also initially used to sterilize surgical instruments and tools.

How to Use
Nano-coating machines, that are available on https://nanoliquidcoatingmachine.com/ are the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your surfaces. Follow these simple steps to get the nano liquid coating:

  1. Spray alcohol on your screen
  2. Clean it with a dry pad
  3. Apply the nano liquid over your mobile screen
  4. Spread the nano liquid over your screen in a circular motion
  5. Use the coating machine on https://nanoliquidcoatingmachine.com/
  6. Dry it with the cloth
  7. Your phone is forever protected with nano liquid coating!

Nano-Coating Machines
These are curing machines that provide a full-fledged service of disinfecting your device and aromatherapy. These devices are simple and easy to use; the curing can take up to 6 minutes through use of UV rays.

They also have a soft, sponge-like pad inside where you drop essential oils for aromatherapy to give your new screen protection a nice scent if needed. These machines are rechargeable and usually come with a USB cable, for more information, please visit https://nanoliquidcoatingmachine.com/

This development in thermal spray technology is a breakthrough and provides us with an easy solution to protect our belongings. Nano-coating machines are the way to go -- protect your things with liquid coating and use them without any fear!


Feb 24, 2020 • Posted by Malik

Very nice products but improve on the powerbank

Feb 20, 2020 • Posted by divine

It still shatter, what might cause it?

Feb 04, 2020 • Posted by adeyemi Stephen olatunde

Nano coating machine accessories

Jan 17, 2020 • Posted by Moses

Hello, product is very good, has worked for all my clients.

Thank you.

Dec 13, 2019 • Posted by Beth

Good investment, Would recommend

Dec 13, 2019 • Posted by Philippe

Amazing product, very easy to use.

Dec 13, 2019 • Posted by Fausto

This product is very useful, I drop my iPhone twice and nothing happened on it

Dec 12, 2019 • Posted by Thomas Lee

Great product, it certainly has protected my iPhone screen from scratches.

Dec 12, 2019 • Posted by Sian

Very durable, it is an amazing piece of technology.

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